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21 December 2011 @ 11:33 am
In other news: TELL ME STUFF?  
Man, I have been so boring lately.

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR MORE INTERESTING LIVES, FRIENDS. I probably won't have anything interesting to talk about until I finish my George Clutesi books. WHAT HAVE YOU ALL BEEN UP TO.
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07 November 2011 @ 04:33 pm
Semi-reminders for myself. Cultural appropriation is Not Cool.  
"Although neighbouring peoples such as the Salish nations also traditionally produced art which shares some of the characteristics of Northwest Coast art, these styles of art are not usually included in the term, since the patterns and artifacts produced are rather different. For example, Salish peoples traditionally created standing welcome figures not created by other Northwest Coast peoples, did not traditionally create totem poles, and did not traditionally use the form lines and shapes of other Northwest Coast peoples.[4] One corollary of this fact is that — contrary to popular belief — other than some of the peoples of the Olympic Peninsula, no Native American nations of Washington and Oregon states produced totem poles and other characteristic, formline, Northwest Coast-style art objects before European contact.[5]

Traditionally, within a given community, some patterns and motifs could be used only by certain families and lineages, or with the agreement of those families and lineages. Today in British Columbia it is generally acknowledged that only First Nations artists of the appropriate nation have the moral right to produce art of given types and using given motifs. Some non-Native artists, such as John Livingston, have been adopted into First Nations and have thus formally acquired the right to produce such art.[1] In some Nations such as the Haida adoptions are simply seen as gestures and claims to produce work are viewed as economic and cultural appropriation."

Gotta be careful about this stuff.
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02 May 2011 @ 10:20 pm
Obligatory #elxn41 rant.  
Adam: Okay, here's what I figure.
Adam: The Liberals died.
Adam: The died a horrible death. Many months ago.
Adam: It was well deserved.
Adam: BUT
Adam: Here's how that breaks down, in practice!
Adam: In Quebec! People think "Well, we have no problem voting for outlier parties. We've voted for the Bloc for years! Let's try the NDP!"
Adam: And lo, the NDP gained opposition status.
Adam: In Ontario! People think "We hate the Liberals. BUT THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS THAN CONSERVATIVE. NO OTHER OPTIONS."
Adam: And lo, what the hell.
Adam: On a very basic level, it's pretty straightforward.
Adam: I mean, it's not, actually.
Adam: But that at least makes some sense.
Adam: It's bizarre.

On top of that, apparently our voter turnout only increased by a couple of % points? I'm extremely confused about all this. None of it is matching what I've been seeing, what with the vote mobs and the outcry against Conservatives and Harper and the emphasis on strategic voting. Not all of that can have been undone by split votes, can it?

Fuck, the more I see what the first-past-the-post system does the more I hate it.

This icon has never been so appropriate.


Adam: I've basically turned the whole scenario AN ISLAND
Adam: Sorry, listening to the Harper speech.
Adam: Man, so gross. "People got tired of the threat of elections all the time! Because oOoOo, apparently we were damaging Parliamentary procedures all the time. WHATEVER. No one really cares about that."
Adam: "People really care about elections! Too many elections. So much work."
Adam: "Better to let us just do the thinking."
Adam: Apparently the Liberal members are just devastated.
Adam: Sobbing and bewildered.
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Mirth Alia
17 March 2011 @ 01:29 pm
Kept a shine on the bar with the sleeves of our coats  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(For those of you who can't stand listening to live recordings, check out the pure version over here. I just like this one because you can see just how hard John Mann and Geoff Kelly rock out on stage.) (Hint: pretty damn hard.) (Seriously, how many flautists do high kicks on stage?)

(Alternatively, have them rocking out with Great Big Sea.)
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