mirthalia: Guy from Hark A Vagrant comic saying "Gosh I hope that nothing backfires." Caption beneath reads "BUT CAN YOU GUESS" (Here it goes again.)
Mirth Alia ([personal profile] mirthalia) wrote on July 5th, 2011 at 02:34 pm
The desk experiment may be coming to an end.
I started using a makeshift standing desk at work several months ago. It's definitely been helping with my digestion issues (supposedly because I hunch over a lot while sitting), but I think I'll have to change back. I haven't been experiencing the higher levels of energy that so many people seem to gain from standing — if anything, I've been more tired. On top of that, my heels and arches have really, really started hurting. Except for the parts of my heels which are going numb, which I don't believe is a good thing.

I'm entertaining the theory that standing desks are best when you actually, you know, have some freedom of movement so that you can wander and such at regular intervals, but I'm only allowed to leave my desk for lunch and bathroom breaks. I'm guessing that's not enough.

Maybe I can find a happy middle ground by getting a high stool.
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