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Mirth Alia ([personal profile] mirthalia) wrote on August 25th, 2011 at 09:06 pm
More Portland than Chicago.
My beautiful pocket watch from @duchessclothier came in the other day!

Some of you may find the engraving familiar.

A mirror-polished nickel pocket watch with a closed face, engraved in scripted font with the quote 'Dare we, Grant? Dare we?'. It's leaning against a square marble coaster sponged in green and yellow dragonfly patterns, bearing curly script reading 'Live well, laugh often, love much'.

The same pocket watch and coaster, only the watch's face is open, showing a plain clock face numbered 1 - 12.

I absolutely love it and will be carrying it everywhere I go. It's made out of very polished nickel, so it's tough and shouldn't tarnish like silver, and I was assured that the back can be popped off to change the batteries. The only way it could possibly be better would be to have a date ticker and a light-up face, but apparently it's almost impossible to find those types these days.

I look forward to explaining the quote to curious passersby.
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